Sunday, March 6, 2011

Catheter Do You Need A Prescription

Tomorrow I return to Matrix: UPV / EHU Leioa.

Eman ta zazu Zabal, is Our motto. "Da and extend it" or as I understood it forever, "receive and share."

Today I reached my turn and I'm proud and excited. I just hope that students I heard my approval.

Yes, in a few hours this afternoon, I have in UPV Leioa, Leioa, at the UPV, in my faculty, the most difficult exam of my life.

Aita just feel that my hard time not to pass them together as if then.

goes for you, Aita. Zeru Muxus


"The value of professional communication: the sources Marks' Talk
@ juanlarzabal UPV in the 7 / 3 (17:00) Aula 27: D

0.-To begin
Greetings, thanks and explanation of the talk: Contents. Saying it is open to all sorts of questions at any time.

1.-Introduction Career
academic, professional and personal. A salad of acronyms:
DV, El Correo, Ideal, Vocento, UOC, IUP, APDA, BYM, 1001 Media / 2010/05/reportaje-multimedia-doble-apertura.html
https: / / / # view
https: / / / javierfernandezbarrera /
Conclusion: your brand half gives you courage and your work and you give your brand. If x was previously working capital is now a symbiotic 2.0 to which we must add brand value exchange. But give thanks in my case, Ideal and Vocento. Without them there would be here telling you all this.

2.-Wiki wiki, waka waka: About
Wikipedia does good the saying, is all true, except what you want. One thing are the definitions that are just conventions, and other kinds of explanations, which is important for their work in communication, explain the communication processes are journalism, advertising, marketing, audiovisual. And for this they must first understand them and know them. And knowing them later. And none of this is in Wikipedia. Surely, unfortunately.
Wikipedia C2% BFdeben-use-the-reporters-la-wikipedia /
http: / /
.- Wikileaks
http : / / /
.- Wikiperiodismo:
http : / /
.- Fogonazos. A real case
.- Data-Open Journalism Open
Conclusion: admit advice, "If your mother tells you she loves you, go and check it out".

3 - Systems documentation: Quay C3% B3dico% C2% C2% A8Extremadura A8Hoy%

4.-More Beyond Fashion: The importance of social networks
.- Construction of digital identity as your best brand.
.- This identity has brought me to my dear Faculty of UPV.
.- can be applied to communication in general. Serves from an internship to find work.
.- labor market has changed and thanks to a powerful personal brand to be built during the race can take jobs from various sources of income. And after leaving college. # _ ? p = 79
Story telling: / 08/is-journalism-storytelling /

Practical exercises 5.-5.1.-Marks
personal and group three: Xabi Alonso, Patxi Txarrak Lopez and Berri. These tests are simple.
applies 9 test :

1.-Engines: What does Google say about you and Google News

2.-Aggregators: Meneame Meneame, Wikio

3 Youtube

.- 4.-Tuenti



Twitter (Bios)



Professional Network: Linkedin

Flickr 9.-10.-Conclusions

5.2 .- Are any more?

5.3 .-

any volunteers? (Blog of Bori)

6.-Case Study: 1001 Media
Do it Yourself. Information DIY
how you can experiment, learn, make known, give lectures, some of you paid, you are invited to soirees, you're a miniagencia, which distribute page rank, you have followers and friends in 1001, which do experiments.

.- Welcome
.- Nonick +
EITB Http://
.- First Anniversary / 10/10/2164 /
.- Social Networks:
Geomap Meneses -en-medio-15-posts-del-blog-de-enriched meneses /
Eskup * debateperiodismo23022011
.- Programs
Cramp Connection / 10/conexion-calambre-1x01nuevos-escenarios-audiovisuales-haiti-y-las-fusiones /
Curse Sonora
The 7 questions Do-a-question-to-hugo-chavez /
http:// / /
Trending Topic Andalusia / 2011/01/27/nace-trending-topics-andalucia /
.- Coverage Congress
EBE journalism-and-cee-ni-it-or-without-tipor-pacotorres /
Huesca Congress /
Event Coverage Close Soitu
Wikileaks / 11/29/wikileaks-cablegate /
.- Lectures
.- .- Complutense
.- Master of The Country
.- ABC Library html
.- Coffee and Journalism
.- Experiments
Interview Live @ susanamorg
http://1001medios .es/blog/2010/10/04/2142 /
Web Archaeology -of-the-newspapers-in-internet-en-espana /
Twitter and Journalism
Walsh Project
http:/ / /

Facebook + Twitter
# oidoenlaredaccion oidoenlaredaccion

Finally, at Open House TVE # 782155

One last
Do not forget, ever to visit AndalucĂ­a and read, consult, discuss, recommend, share, read and surf and its printed edition. Some, like me, working on them and be grateful.

.- Thanks! Asco Eskerrik!


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